WhatsApp the new concierge?????

WhatsApp the new concierge?????


WhatsApp concierge takes up two new positions in the North East

Two Tyneside hotels are taking room service digital, the Grey Street Hotel and the New Northumbria Hotel, both owned by Newcastle’s Malhotra Group, have introduced WhatsApp as a concierge service for guests.

Once guests have checked in, they can then WhatsApp message their orders directly to reception throughout their stay.

Group business development manager, Fabian Pritchard, believes the digital concierge service will bring an added level of convenience to guests saying: “WhatsApp is such a familiar means of communication now that this is a logical service to offer.

“It cuts down the potential for any errors in orders, will speed up the ordering process and guests can place their order from wherever they happen to be. So, if they are out for the day, they can use the WhatsApp service to either book a table in the restaurant or have meals and drinks delivered to their room when they return.”

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