Strand Palace Update

Strand Palace Update


Haxells is officially open

The last 30 days have been non-stop, action packed for the whole team here at Strand Palace.
Our amazing Marketing department have rolled out a new website and collateral across the entire property, showcasing our new branding including the new logo, design and content.
The biggest applaud however, must go to our wonderful Food & Beverage team who served our first guests in Haxells Restaurant & Bar. In their new surroundings,  the team served over 200 main dishes from our new menu, over a 5-day soft launch period. During the soft launch, the team welcomed our friends and family along with the amazing team behind the construction of the newly refurbished ground floor as a way of thanks for their fantastic achievement.

All of this has been in preparation for the 7th May, the official opening of Haxells Restaurant & Bar. An extremely exciting and highly anticipated date for not only the team here at the hotel, but for you, our loyal customers who have supported us and made the new ground floor project possible.

I wish I could say the hotel project was complete in its entirety but we still have an anticipated 10 months to go. This project is extremely isolated for guests and unless you are on the floor that the work is taking place this project could go unnoticed. However, in complete transparency we cannot guarantee no noise but will assure all guests that works will only take place during working hours, Monday to Friday. If for any reasons you are unsure of the continuing work or would simply love to come in and see the new spaces please touch base with our partners at Key Reservations

Kelly O’Neill
Director of Sales

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